Our energy management software platform, Optergy, provides customised solutions including; energy performance contracting, building optimisation and tuning, energy services projects, metering solutions for gas, electricity and water, lighting controls and retrofits.

Our integrated building systems platform provides seamless integration with multiple building utiliries and services, linked to security management systems (access control, CCTV and intrusion detection), lighting controls and our space booking system.

Our fully integrated and scalable (small to large) building controls systems help facility managers achieve the maximum potential from their buildings.We offer customised software packages, which may include customised energy features and alarm and event routing.

We provide support at each stage of the total lifecycle of facility management; from design and construction, through management, maintenance and upgrades, each with a focus on cost effectiveness and high levels of performance, we look after you at every stage.

- We integrate seamlessly with any of your existing systems -


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