We offer comprehensive energy management monitoring and forecasting tools, backed by a team of professionals including energy auditors and engineers. We ensure you facilities manager have all the energy management tools they need to efficiently and effectively operate your building.

Our systems can precisely track and then automatically bill tenants for after-hours energy consumption.
- Optimum Start ensures tenant comfort at occupancy while minimising equipment run-time;
- Demand Limiting reduces peak demand charges from the utility provider; and
- Energy Logging enables you to monitor all types of energy usage including electric, gas, hot water and chilled water.

Energy Services

We have developed unique energy services-based Building Management Systems (BMS) maintenance and tuning programs where we actively tune and report on your facility's energy performance and comfort levels. We provide energy efficient buildings with improved indoor air quality and a comfortable customer environment.

Our performance is measured against pre-defined energy Key-Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Energy services include:
- BMS recommissioning
- Retrofits
- Lighting systems
- Controls calibrations
- BMS upgrades
- Measurement & Verification (M&V) solutions

Metering Solutions

We offer comprehensive metering solutions to integrate different type of meters - gas, electric and water - which help to deploy real time Measurement and Verifications (M&V) systems solutions.

Understanding 'what you measure is what you can control' helps us to design metering and sub-metering solutions to help customers track and manage their energy consumption and operation budgets. For example, linking the peak load alarm trigger to shed non-critical load across the facility helps to isolate heavy penalties levied by energy suppliers.

Optergy Energy Management System

We have applied experience and knowledge to stay ahead of the competition by using unique web-based Energy Management Systems (EMS) by Optergy.

With Optergy EMS, facility owners and building managers can make decisions based on real-time building performance:
- Easy navigation for all users
- Powerful recording capabilities
- Remote monitoring

The main features of the Optergy EMS include:
- Real time and historical energy use Monitoring & Verifications (M&V)
- Highly scalable system architecture for single to multiple buildings
- Metering integrations: gas, water, electricity on Modbus, BACnet®, and MBus protocols
- Integrated BMS via BACnet® with built-in graphic user interface (GUI)
- Demand-side energy management
- Remote access: flexible, secure web-based monitoring
- Scrolling screens: live performance data in dashboards for tenants and public on digital display
- Tenant billing for energy usage by zone and tariff period
- Energy level tracking and reports and scenario simulator