We deliver industry leading integrated energy management, building automation and security solutions to the commercial, industrial, healthcare, government and institutional building market sectors, offering flexibility and ease of use unmatched in the industry. Our integrated building solutions bring together diverse systems for increased energy efficiency and savings. Integration also brings the advantages of a unified platform for alarms and events from multiple building systems. Alarm management is comprehensive to help build reliable alarm routing based on alarm by priority, day and time.

Security Management

We are able to provide open architecture access control & CCTV systems designed to meet the demands of customers; serving both their immediate and long-term interests. Our multi-level security access control and CCTV solutions are aimed at meeting, and often exceeding, customer's expectations through open architecture-based systems, featuring seamless integration capability and BAS interoperability features.

Our diverse range of security access control and CCTV products has been installed in more than 13,000 facilities across the globe; allowing customers to work with familiar technologies such as Microsoft Window, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracles.

Each module in the product range can be deployed as a stand-alone application or can be seamlessly integrated with any other applications in the suite.

Key features include:
- Advanced access control
- Alarm monitoring
- Digital video
- Intrusion detection
- Asset tracking
- Identity detection

Lighting Controls

Lighting consumes around 15-20% of most building loads. We offer fully integrated lighting control solutions based on the flexible use of zones, implementation of time scheduling, effective use of natural light, and by integrating occupancy control.

This can include the operation of booked or unoccupied rooms in standby mode, and incorporate various occupancy feedback mechanisms including pushbuttons, PIRs etc.

We offer lighting control systems based on a variety of protocols - DALI, KNX, and BACnet® - depending on the user requirements.

Key features include:
- Occupancy based lighting
- Daylight harvesting, use of ambient light with integrated lighting control
- Occupancy triggers to activiate HVAC and security systems
- Controlled zone lights with access-based credentials
- Reduced maintenance costs by proactive tracking of lighting loads
- Scene control